Twin guesthouses

Adjacent to the old castle are two additional comfortable and inviting villas. They offer much privacy for inspiring professional seminars or for enjoyable reunions of families or friends.

Burg Feistritz am Wechsel

Culture and exchange

Burg Feistritz is located only 80 km south of Vienna and is embedded in the rolling hills of Lower Austria. Since many years, the castle opens her gates to groups of people in search of a very private and refined historic environment for a common program or purpose.

The history of Burg Feistritz dates back to the Middle Ages, when the castle was built as a defensive structure. Massive walls, towers and canons are reminiscent of this time long past. Centuries of development, private restoration and cultural prosperity have transformed Burg Feistritz into the noble and inviting castle of the present day.

The beauty and serenity of the historic scenery and the abundance of comfortable guest rooms form a perfect environment for creative get-togethers, for reflection and for exchange of ideas.

Surrounded by romantic landscape gardens, woodlands and ponds, Burg Feistritz is a peaceful and secluded hideaway for groups in search of a special location.

Harriet & Friends

Every summer Burg Feistritz hosts a music festival under the artistic direction of Harriet Krijgh.

During this time internationally renowned and celebrated musicians gather and perform a series of classical concerts at the highest level.

Charming Wedding location

Burg Feistritz offers a romantic and unique setting to give your special day an extra dimension.

A variety of ceremony and celebration spaces are available, each with unique features, for example the Vaulted Hall, the Baroque Chapel, or the romantic Park & Gardens.

Large Festivities can be held in the Old Riding School, where you can organize your celebration according to your own wishes.

A choice of accommodation is offered in rooms and apartments that are spread out throughout the estate’s old castle and twin guesthouses.

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